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Monday, December 22, 2014

Swim meet entries for Jan. 3!

Happy Monday to all!

I am leaving town later today to go on vacation with my family.  I realize others are doing the same over the next couple weeks, so I wanted to send this out early.  I need all responses back by Jan. 29 at 6pm!  You have a week to respond, and I will not be able to easily send reminders while on vacation.

Don't forget, we will be hosting this meet, so plan to come and help.  A sign up sheet will be sent out soon.

Swim Meet Entry Form

If you are a cub or cadet, remember that the All Star Meet (Jan. 31) is a qualification meet, and this will be the last meet to qualify for that meet.  It will cost about $40 per swimmer no matter if they swim in one, two, or three events.

All Star Qualification Times (Published by CYO)

WHCS Qualifiers

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Break practice begins Monday

I hope everyone has enjoyed the first couple of days off from school. I know I have taken full advantage of it by spending some quality family time. 

I just wanted to remind everyone of the practice schedule for the next two weeks. All practices are at Valley Catholic. At least one coach will be at each practice, so if a lot of swimmers come, we may ask a parent or two to assist us.  

Practice for the next two weeks are as follows:

12/22 (Mon) - 10:00-11:00
12/23 (Tues) - 10:00-11:00
12/26 (Fri) - 10:00-11:00
12/29 (Mon) - 10:00-11:00
12/30 (Tues) - 10:00-11:00
1/2 (Fri) - 10:00-11:00

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Break practice schedule

Practice for the next two weeks are as follows:

12/22 (Mon) - 10:00-11:00
12/23 (Tues) - 10:00-11:00
12/26 (Fri) - 10:00-11:00
12/29 (Mon) - 10:00-11:00
12/30 (Tues) - 10:00-11:00
1/2 (Fri) - 10:00-11:00

All swimmers are encouraged to come to as many practices as you are able.

Don't forget about the swim meet on Saturday Jan. 3 from 3:30 - 6:30.  We host it (provide all volunteers) and will need nearly everyone there!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Meet results / All Star Meet qualifiers / Practice

I have updated the blog with the Meet Results and the list of All-Star Meet qualifiers.  You can find both files on the blog under the Important Links.

This week, Monday - Thursday practices are occurring at normal times.  There will be no Friday Dryland practice.  I will be publishing the Christmas Break practice schedule by mid-week.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Meet today!

I have been hearing of the "sick bug" biting a few kids recently. Please contact me at 503-267-2346 if you need to update me on your child. Text is preferred, but tell me who you are. 


Friday, December 12, 2014

Swim Meet tomorrow / International Swim Meet

Just a reminder that we will be swimming at the Reynolds Pool again tomorrow.  The address is, 1204 NE 201st, Fairview, OR. Please plan to arrive on the deck (READY TO GO) at 3:10. This will be another crowded meet, but the we are planning on having warm ups (unlike last meet), and still ending on time. The host team may choose to change this at the last minute, so please make sure that you are at the pool by 3:10!

Click here for Meet Program

If you want to see some AMAZING swimmers, the fastest swim meet of the year in the Portland area is occurring today and this weekend at Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center in Beaverton. The meet is set up with Preliminary Heats (when everyone entered will swim) in the morning, then the Finals (fastest 16 from the morning) will swim in the evening session. Click here for a listing of events and times.  It is free to watch!

Swimmers from Germany, France, Canada, and a couple other countries fly here to swim in this meet. All swimmers are 18 or under and some will even compete in the 2016 Olympic Games. This is great chance to see some amazing swimmers.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

No dryland tomorrow!

Just a reminder, due to the Christmas Concert tomorrow night, the auditorium is unavailable for dryland practice tomorrow. Please arrange for your swimmer to have transportation after school tomorrow.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Friday practice and meet entries...

I have just been informed that our practice on Friday needs to be cancelled due to the 5th/6th concert that morning and evening.  The auditorium will be set up for the concert and the gym is used by another sport.  So, this leaves us with no large area for our dryland practice.  PR celebrations and first swim recognition will be delayed until January 9 (our next dryland practice day).

Please keep the meet entries coming.  So far, I have had 9 people respond.  I NEED all responses by 9pm tomorrow  (Tuesday).

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yesterday's meet and next week's meet

Here are the results for yesterday's meet.  So many PR's which will be celebrated on Friday's dryland practice.

It is time to start thinking about next week's meet.  Here is the entry form for the meet for next Saturday.  Please respond by 9pm on Tuesday to let me know if you are coming, and which events your swimmer wants to participate in.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Meet Details and Program - Dec. 6

I am excited to see how every swims this weekend, since we have had a couple weeks off from meets with some great practices in those weeks.

In case you did not know, the Reynolds Pool has been under repair for the past couple months.  They have filled the pool and re-started the systems earlier this week, but there are some issues.  Please read this notice posted by Mark Lee, CYO Swimming Director:

The pool temp is now [as of Wednesday] up to 78 and creeping upward. Unfortunately the deck temp system is still having problems. The pool water is heating the air temp currently. They are working on it. Be sure to have swimmers wear poly fleece garments to stay warm. Avoid wearing cotton. Cotton loses all warmth retention properties when wet.

You should also make sure you bring extra warm clothes and TWO towels:  one to dry off with, and one to keep you warm (or to use on the ground).

Additionally, this is going to be a big meet in a 25 yard pool.  Right now, the meet will last all 3 hours (3:30-6:30).  Due to this, we might not have a warm-up (at the discretion of the host team), and I am asking everyone to arrive on the deck by 3:10.  Since this will be a longer meet, as always, if you want to volunteer to assist the meet, you are always welcome.  Seek me out and I will point you to the Meet Director.  The earlier you arrive, the best choice you have in the position.

The Meet Program is here, and can be found on the blog main page.  As always, I will replace it on the main page with the results as soon as I can post them, which is typically by Sunday evening.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Meet entries for 12/06

Here is the meet entry form for the meet on Saturday 12/06 from 3:30-6:30 at the Reynolds Pool (located at the Reynolds Middle School by the track).  Please let us know by 9pm on Tuesday night if your swimmer will be present.  Enter them in the events they prefer, or leave it blank for the coaches to choose.  Coaches will decide all relays.

Meet on Dec. 6 & practice tonight

I am currently driving back from a long Thanksgiving vacation, so the links for the meet entries will be posted later tonight. But, I wanted to signal to you that I will need all entries submitted by 9pm on Tuesday. 

Here are the quick details for the meet:

Sat. 12/6 
3:30 - 6:30pm
Reynolds Pool (address TBA)

ALSO, don't forget about practice tonight at the Beaverton Swim Center from 6-7. Come one...come all, for work on all of the strokes!

Monday, November 24, 2014

One parent needed...tomorrow!

I still need one parent to help Coach Roslyn as an extra set of eyes.  No coaching experience needed, we just need someone to volunteer to assist for the Tuesday (11/25) practice from 4:30-5:30 at VC.  If I have no one step up by 9 am tomorrow, I will need to cancel practice.  It is a major safety concern, and I can't allow practice without two responsible adults.

Please email me if you can assist.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Practices next week (Thanksgiving)

As we approach the holiday week(end), I want to keep everyone up to date on the practices coming up.  Here is the what it looks like.

Sunday 11/23 from 6:00-7:00 at BSC

Monday 11/24 from 4:00-5:00 at VC

Tuesday 11/25 from 4:30-5:30 at VC (I need one parent to step in as a volunteer to assist Coach Roslyn, otherwise this practice will be canceled due to safety issues.) 

Sunday 11/30 from 6:00-7:00 at BSC

We will resume the normal practice schedule on December 1 for a few weeks.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Meet results and practice

Meet results are posted in the important links on the right and will stay there all season long.  I am so impressed by how everyone swam!!!  We battled some illnesses and some injuries, but we as a team we showed a lot of improvement.

Just a reminder...tomorrow from 6:00 to 7:00 at the Beaverton Swim Center, we will have practice!  Please plan to attend to keep the improvement up.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Tomorrow's meet

Just a reminder that our meet is from 1:00-4:00pm at the Mt. Hood CC Aquatic Center.  Warm ups begin at 1, so I would like everyone on deck by 12:45pm so they can prepare for warm ups.

If you remember, the 50 meter pool (in the bubble) is a long way from the bathrooms (inside the aquatic center), so please have a plan for an escort for your younger swimmer (especially polliwogs) for their bathroom trips.

I will have the new red swim caps for all swimmers if they haven't received one yet.

I know that last that last meet may have appeared a little rocky for the parent volunteers, but we will still need volunteers for this meet too.  I will proactively make sure that all volunteers help make the meet run smoothly.

Inclement Weather

I need to pass this information along to you.  This comes directly from the CYO Director for Swimming:

Just to remind you to check the CYO website for any cancellation notifications. Specifically, check the CYO SPORTS/SCHEDULE page. You should check the site no more than 2 hours before any scheduled event, to receive the most current information. 
I just received a call from MHCC, saying their campus is closed today since they are still having issues with clearing the ice from campus roads and walkways. They wanted to give us a heads-up, though very unlikely, that there may be the same issue tomorrow.
Again, check the CYO website for updates. Hopefully there will be no issue for tomorrow.
As always, please drive carefully and if you feel that you cannot arrive safely, contact me on my cell phone (503-267-2346) as soon as possible.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Meet Program published...

I was able to get the meet program published.  You will find it on the blog (important links) and here.

I will discuss the meet entries tomorrow during the Dryland Practice from 3:15-4:30.  I will also be going over how to write the event, heat, and lane in an easy format for swimmers to recognize.  Here's how on a previous post I wrote.

Coaches will have sharpies available at the meet, or you can mark your swimmer at home.

Thursday practice cancelled

Due to our no school day, today's practice is cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Additionally, I was not expecting this and I left my swim team computer at school. I will be uploading the meet program sometime tomorrow. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Meet entries due by 9pm!

Please make sure you let me know if your swimmer will be swimming on Nov. 15 by filling out the entry form by 9 PM tonight!  If I have no response, I will assume your swimmer will not be swimming.

Entry form

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nov. 15 Meet

It's time to start thinking about next week's meet.  But, just before we do that, I'd like to thank all of the volunteers who helped out at the meet last week.  I was not present, but my Assistant Coaches, said that at least 12 people stepped up to help with timing, bullpen, and other various activities.  Without your support, the kids would not have had such a good time.  I realize there may have been some disorganization, and I am addressing that with CYO directly.  Again, THANK YOU!

As for this week, we have been working on all of the racing strokes a little during practice this past week.  This week, we will work on dives and turns more, so they are ready to be fast throughout the entire race.

Here is a 3 minute video which shows a younger swimmer swimming all 4 strokes from a couple different angles.  I suggest turning the audio off (muting), because it is distracting and adds no value.  It would be good for your swimmer to watch it to review the strokes in their proper form.

Please let us know if you are planning to attend the meet or not.  As always, I ask you to help your swimmer select their events for this coming week.  If you are unsure about what to swim, just leave the events section blank and we will fill it out for you.  We will assign all relays.

Click here for meet entry form.

Practices this week...

Since we have a little bit of a strange week, I just wanted to let everyone know that we will have normal practice times all week.  Yes, even Tuesday from 4:30-5:30.  If you are out of town, or unable to come, that is completely fine.  No need to make that one up.

Additionally, remember that there is no weekend practice today, but it will resume next week on 11/16 at 6:00-7:00pm at the Beaverton Swim Center.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dryland practice

Just a reminder that tomorrow we will have Dryland practice.  Here is the tentative schedule:

3:15 - Pick up from Carpool.  Do not send them to the auditorium like last year.  The can change (if needed) and eat a small snack (if needed).
3:30 - Begin video and technique talk
3:45 - Begin exercises.  Wear clothes to move in and shoes to run in.
4:15 - Meet celebration (parents invited)
4:30 - Pick up outside gym doors

I have been told by JD Pence that our suits should arrive to WHCS tomorrow. <cross your fingers>  We will plan to hand them out at Dryland practice to all swimmers present.  If your swimmer misses practice tomorrow, they will be given out at practices next week.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Meet Programs

I have posted the Meet Program for this week's meet on the sidebar of the blog under the Important Links section.  I will post it by 5pm every Friday before our swim meets.  This way you can print it out and have a copy to bring to the pool with you.

NOTE:  You cannot view the Important Links section from a mobile device.  You must view it from a computer.  Sorry!

Important info...suits, practice, meet!

As of 4pm on Thursday, it appears that our suits won't be ready in time.  I am frustrated by this, but at this point in time it is out of our hands.  I will update you as soon as I know more!  So, plan to wear any suit to the meet this weekend.  Plan to wear our new RED swim caps.  If you didn't get one at the Pumpkin Meet, see a coach when you arrive.

Next, NO DRYLAND PRACTICE on 10/31.  Due to several families notifying me that they won't be coming, I have decided to cancel tomorrow's practice.

Finally, our first "real" meet is upon us, and I am very excited.  Warm-ups will begin at 3:30 on Saturday, so plan to arrive about 20 minutes early to the Mt. Hood CC - Aquatic Center.  The meet should last around 3 hours.

Below you will find some basic procedures and meet etiquette to help understand what a swim meet entails and what to expect.

Here is a good website
 that lists general swim meet basics from the USA Swimming website.  Feel free to read it (in addition to my notes) for a good overview of swim meets in general.

Arriving and warm-up:
Swimmers should come to the team area on the deck in their swimsuits. We will inform swimmers when the warm-up time begins. Everyone must complete the warm-ups. This is the time for swimmers to get ready for their races, get their muscles warmed up, and get used to the pool they are swimming in.  After warm-ups, we will have a quick team meeting and team cheer.

During the meet:
After the team meeting, swimmer will go to the area where they are sitting and wait there until his/her first event is called. Due to the length of the meet, swimmers should plan to occupy themselves with a book (that could possibly get wet), by cheering, chatting with friends, or sitting with their parents.  No electronics should be on the pool deck, due to the proximity of the water.  They will need to make sure they are paying attention to what event is swimming. The announcer will announce events and heats.  Let your swimmer know that they should go to the bullpen (staging area) about 3 events before they swim WITH THEIR MEET ENTRY CARD in their hand. There will be volunteers to help them get to the right lane in the correct heat of the event.  If the swimmer is not in the lane behind the starting block for their heat and event, the starter will not wait for them, so it is important that they follow the meet.

Since the meets are around three hours long, the swimmers may get hungry.  The best snacking foods would be any light, and nutritious snack that won't make a mess on the pool deck.  Goldfish, Ritz crackers, and Cheerios are poor choices due to how they make a mess once wet on the pool deck.  Fruit, peanut-free trail mix, wheat thins, etc... are all great choices.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

URGENT! Meet entries deadline change!

The meet entries deadline has changed for this season.  This is my oversight!  Last year it was a day later.  This year, they moved it up one day to Tuesday!

I need all entries by 9pm on Tuesday nights!  If possible, please send me what your swimmer wants to swim by 9pm tonight.  

For this week only.  If you can get it to me by noon tomorrow, I can also make that work.

Please look on the previous blog post for the link to the entry form.  (I am posting this from my phone so I don't have the possibility of creating a link… sorry!)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Nov. 1 Meet

I am excited for our first developmental meet at the Mt. Hood CC Aquatic Center (same place) from 3:30 to 6:30 pm this Saturday!  I need you to let me know if your swimmer will be participating OR NOT.  Also, you can help your swimmer select the events for their meet, if there is something they want to swim.  If you would rather me to choose, please click the box to let me know they will be there and leave the event entry sections blank.  YOU MUST HAVE ALL ENTRIES COMPLETED BY 8PM WEDNESDAY NIGHT!  If there is response, I assume your swimmer will not be participating!  My entries are due to CYO by 10 pm, and it is nearly impossible to enter them in the meet after 10 pm on Wednesday night.

Click here for meet attendance and selecting your events.

Each swimmer can swim up to three individual events and one relay or two individual events and two relays.  I will assign all relays.  Here is a listing of all events.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Practice begins at Valley Catholic tomorrow!

FINALLY...the good news we have been waiting for!  We will begin practicing at the Valley Catholic (VC) pool (just beyond the tennis courts) tomorrow.  Please look at the practice schedule for the days and times you have signed up for.  Please remember to come on the day you are signed up for because of the limited pool space.  If you have not signed up yet, please note that Monday and Tuesday are the only open days at this point, and email me which day(s) you prefer.  And as always, the weekend practices are open to everyone as the second or third water practice for the week.  (Note: no weekend practices until Sunday, Nov. 16)


PLEASE NOTE: Tuesday practice times are now 4:30-5:30.  I am sorry if this causes any issues for your family, but due to the VC school schedule, we have to change the practice time.

Pumpkin Meet Details!

The Pumpkin Meet is a few short hours away and I hope this email will let you know everything you think you need to know...

Mt. Hood CC - Aquatic Center (50 meter pool)
Relay Meet (no individual events)

Please plan to have your swimmer on the deck in their suit by 12:45.  The suits you ordered have not arrived yet, but I do have swim caps for every swimmer.  Wear any suit your swimmer feels comfortable wearing.  I will give them the new swim caps (RED!) and have a team meeting immediately before warm ups begin at 1:00.  The meet will start by 1:30, and will be concluded by 4:00.

Parents should sit closest to the race course (at the far end), and the swimmers will sit by the coaching staff.  Swimmer should bring 2 towels (labeled!), a light snack if needed, and WATER!

If your child is 3rd grade or younger and they need to go to the restroom, I will have them find you to take them, since it is quite a long walk back to the restrooms.

Due to the nature of this meet, it is hard to create relay groups for all of the different events due to swimmers coming late, leaving early, and illnesses.  So, I have only seeded a few different events.  I will encourage your swimmer to find some friends and make their own relay teams for many of the other events.  Most relay teams are 4 swimmers and some are 6 swimmers.  Some allow a mixture of genders and ages.  Here is a list of the events with limited explanation.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dryland practice tomorrow

Tomorrow will be our first dryland practice of the season. It will begin around 3:15. The swimmers will be called out by me from the carpool lines. Remind them, they need to go with their class at the end of the day out to carpool, then look for their coaches.

During the practice, we will do a variety of different exercises, so they should be dressed in attire (and shoes) in which they can move around easily.  Additionally, they should bring water (and a nutritious snack to eat before practice if they wish).

Practice will be done by 4:30. To pick up your swimmer, park or stay in your car on the side of the school nearest the gyms. I will bring them out to you. If you wish to watch the end of practice, feel free to park and join us at any time in the auditorium.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Great practice! Relay meet next week!!

What a great practice yesterday!  I am excited to see how everyone is progressing so far; with only two weeks of practice under our belt.  Now we need to start to focus a little on the first meet of the season...The Pumpkin Relay Meet!

I will be forwarding specifics of this meet later this week, but I need to know if your swimmer is planning on attending or not.  Here are the particulars:

Sunday, Oct. 26
Arrive between 12:30-12:40pm
Warmups begin at 1:00pm
Meet concluded by 4:00pm
Location:  Mt. Hood CC Aquatic Center (enter on 17th Dr.)

It will be crazy and fun!!!  Lots of different relay races, NO individual races.  It is a one-of-a-kind meet that is a good way to get the swimmer's feet wet (pun intended) for this year!  Parents, be warned, they will leave with candy!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Practice today...5-6!

Don't forget of the "new" time today. BSC has a rental until 5:00 this week.  Next week, practice will be from 4:00-5:00.  

Also, swimmers should start bringing water bottles if they want to drink water during the workouts. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Practices this coming week!

I just received news that the Valley Catholic pool will NOT be repaired in time for practices next week.  Here is the adjusted practice schedule (& meet) until 10/27.

Click here for a quick view of the calendar, or it is also posted at the bottom of the blog (and always updated!)  Newest changes are in bold.

Sat. 10/18 - Practice @ BSC 5-6 (note one week time change)
Mon. 10/20 - Practice @ MJCC 6:30-7:30 (Last names A-L)
Wed. 10/22 - Practice @ MJCC 6:30-7:00 (Last names M-Z)
Fri. 10/24 - Dryland practice @ WHCS 3:15-4:30 (Bring athletic clothes & shoes and water bottle)
Sat. 10/25 - Practice @ BSC 4-5 (Last Saturday practice)
Sun. 10/26 - MEET @ Mt. Hood CC Aquatic Center 1-4

Volunteer opportunity/necessity!

Our team is in need of 2 or more parents to step up and volunteer to be Stroke and Turn Judges for swim meets.  This is not a difficult "job", but it does require a small amount of swimming background (if you have EVER swam on a team, you would be qualified).

The Stroke and Turn judge will determine if an illegal stroke or turn has been used by a swimmer to create an unfair advantage.  There will be a 1.5 hour class that covers the rules governing the four basic competitive strokes, turns, starts, and relays for the CYO Swim Program.  We currently have one parent trained and ready to volunteer, but I would like to have 3 or 4 parents so they can take a week or two off during the season, since we need S&T Judges at EVERY one of our meets.

The next training is Oct. 22 from 6 to 7pm at Valley Catholic (where our normal practices occur).  Again, this is a volunteer opportunity, but our team is responsible for two S&T Judges at each meet.  If we do not have the proper number, coaches will be pulled from their coaching responsibilities and turned into S&T Judges.  I would like to avoid this possibility at all costs.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tonight and Wednesday night practice!

Tonight's practice from 6:30 to 7:30 at MJCC is for last names of A-M.  Wednesday night's practice (same time and place) is for last names of N-Z.  Since we are renting 2 lanes at this facility, we are their guest.  Please help us by following these rules:

1. Swimmers must check in at the front desk.  They will have our roster.
2. Teams need to use the family sections in the MJCC locker rooms, not the adult section.
3. Team members must shower before entering pool.
4. Teams need to towel off in the tiled areas.
5. All personal items must be brought to pool deck during practice. Locker use is not allowed.

See you tonight or Wednesday night!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Practices start this week - sort of...

I want to make sure that everyone knows that a modified practice schedule begins this week!  Please read below for all of the changes!

Monday and Wednesday (10/13 & 15) of this week, we have secured a couple lanes for practice at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center (very close to WHCS) from 6:30-7:30pm.  I know it is late in the day, but this is the best we could do with trying to find a pool at the last minute since the Valley Catholic pool is under repair.

Since we only have 2 lanes at MJCC, we must limit the number of swimmers at each practice.  If your last name is A-M, you will practice on Mondays (10/13) from 6:30-7:30.   If your last name is N-Z, you will practice on Wednesdays (10/15) from 6:30-7:30.

Please note, the practice at BSC next Saturday (11/18) will start an hour late, so it will go from 5-6.

The Valley Catholic coach has informed me that the pool *should* be up and running by 10/20.  Right now the plan is to begin our regular practice schedule on 10/20.  But, this could change, please make sure that you have subscribed to this blog by typing your email address in the upper right corner of this blog.

Lastly, if you scroll to the bottom of this blog page, you will find an updated calendar.  Right now I have it updated through the end of November, and I will finish the season in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Practice begins on Oct. 10 at 4pm


Read below!

Our first practice for everyone will be this Saturday from 4:00 to 5:00 at the Beaverton Swim Center.  I will conduct a safety assessment for all swimmers who did not compete for WHCS last year.  If you are a new swimmer and can not make it, please contact me.  If you swam last year, be ready for practice at 4:00.

Next week on Monday and Wednesday (10/13 & 15) and the following week (10/20 & 22), we have secured a couple lanes for practice at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center (very close to WHCS) from 6:30-7:30pm.  I know it is late in the day, but this is the best we could do with trying to find a pool at the last minute.  We feel it is important to get the swimmers in the water for a couple practices as soon as possible, and I realize that this schedule will not work for everyone, and for that I apologize.  This was the best we could do to given the short time frame.

Since we only have 2 lanes at MJCC, we must limit the number of swimmers at each practice.  If your last name is A-M, you will practice on Mondays (10/13 and 10/20) from 6:30-7:30.   If your last name is N-Z, you will practice on Wednesdays (10/15 and 10/22) from 6:30-7:30.

Hopefully, the Valley Catholic pool will be up and running by the end of October.  If not, please be watching for additional practice times at MJCC.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Practice Schedule updated...

From today forward, you will find the day of your practice in the following document.  I will regularly update it, so check back frequently.  You can also find it on the Blog home page under Important Links.  I populated this list from the signups at the Informational Meeting on Thursday night.

I currently have a lot of information on there, but it will be paired down during the season and only the practice schedule will be displayed.  Right now, you can also find the current registrations as of 8pm on 10/6.  Each practice day is listed with the available spaces open for practice.  Once a practice is full, I will not allow any more sign-ups for that day.  If you have not signed up for a day, please email me to let me know what day your swimmer will be attending.  You do not need to respond for Friday or weekend practices, because everyone is encouraged to come to those days and we have no limits on those days.

Please note currently many people are highlighted in the practice schedule.  As of now, they have not registered.  If you are a returning swimmer you must register by 10/9 to keep your space.  If you are a new swimmer, you have until 10/13 since the swimming assessment will be on 10/11 at the Beaverton Swim Center practice.

Please view the Practice Schedule here.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Team Suits

Just a reminder...

If you have not ordered your team suit from JD Pence (and you want to), it must be ordered by Monday at 6pm at their store.  They are also open until 4pm today.

Click here for their contact info.

Click here to see the suit options.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Suits, t-shirts, and meet schedule

I am looking forward to seeing everyone Thursday night from 7-8 for the Informational Meeting.  Here is some more information that I have been gathering.


There are two ways to order your suits.  First, your swimmer can go to JD Pence before Thursday and get sized and pay there.  Or, bring them with you Thursday night and they can be sized here and you can pay here.  Either way, they will also have a other items for sale at a reduced amount.  Click here to see the options.  They are selling an optional mesh gear bag.  It is not necessary, but some families requested this last year.

If you want to use last year's suit, that is completely fine!  You do not have to buy a new suit, but this year's suit will look different.  But, we will stay with this new suit for many years to come.  I apologize that last year's suit will not be continued this year!  If you want to donate last year's suit to another WHCS swimmer, we are going to collect them for an "Extra Suit Shop" at the Informational Meeting.  We ask you wash your suit prior to donating it, and we will give the old suits away for a suggested donation to the Swim Team of up to $5.


We are going to keep the same shirts as last year.  We will begin ordering them at the Informational Meeting.  Deadline for the T-Shirt order will be around October 10.  More details about price and what they look like will be discussed at the Meeting.  The cost will be about $10.

Meet Schedule

Click here for a copy of this year's schedule.  I do not expect it to change any more, and I will notify everyone if it does change at all.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pre-season update...(lots of info!)

This is what you all have been waiting for!  Inside this update you will find information on:
Practice times
Practice schedule and sign-ups
Informational Meeting
Meet Schedule
Helping the team

Practice Times

This year, we will be using two different pools!  For those that don't know, our normal practice pool at Valley Catholic (VC) is only 16 yards long.  It will be a huge benefit for everyone to swim occasionally in a "normal" 25 yard pool, so we will utilize the Beaverton Swim Center (BSC) pool on the weekends during the season.  Due to the size of the BSC pool, we can accommodate EVERYONE on our team at once, so I strongly encourage everyone to try to come to those practices.  Our practice schedule will look like this:

Practice Schedule and sign-ups

Monday: 4:00-5:00 @ VC
Tuesday: 4:00-5:00 @ VC
Wednesday: 4:00-5:00 @ VC
Thursday: 4:00-5:00 @ VC
Friday: 3:15-4:30 @ WHCS (dryland) Everyone encouraged!
Saturday: (10/11, 10/18, 10/25) 4:00-5:00 @ BSC  Everyone encouraged!
Sunday: (11/16, 11/23, 11/30, 12/7, 12/14, 01/04, 01/11) 6:00-7:00 @ BSC  Everyone encouraged!

**JUST IN...VC Pool is broken!  Unknown date to be fixed at this time (09/26).  VC has assured us that it will be fixed in October, exact date unknown!  I will hopefully have an update at the Info Meeting!**

Everyone should try to come to at least two practices a week, and if you are in another sport during the swim season, you can limit it to one practice a week.  Due to the size of VC, we are limited to about 20 swimmers in the water at one time (and that is VERY crowded).  So, I ask that you show up to no more than two practices during M-Th at VC.  If you want to practice a third time a week (acceptable and encouaged), please come to BSC during the weekend practice times.  If you can only make it once during the week, coming to the weekend practice for the second practice is just fine too and preferred.  We have no space limitations at BSC.

I will begin sign-ups at the Info Meeting (see below).  It will begin on paper that night, then I will move it over to a link on the blog.  More info on this will be available at the Info Meeting.

Informational Meeting

On October 2 at 7 until 8 PM, we will have our pre-season parent Informational Meeting.  During the meeting, I will be sharing a ton of information.  You will also be able to order a team suit, team shirt, and any additional needs with JD Pence (a local swim shop) at a reduced amount.  Look for another blog post later this week with the exact options to order.

JD Pence will be at the Informational Meeting for suit sizing and additional item sales, so you can bring your child to be properly sized for their suit at the Meeting.  They would then stick around for the meeting as well. If this is an inconvenient time for your child to come, or to save the craziness of bringing them that night, you can go directly to their store anytime before the Informational Meeting to be sized at their store. You will need to tell them that you are with West Hills swim team. 

Meet Schedule

Here is the most up to date meet schedule, although there may be some slight changes still.

Oct. 26 - Time:TBA @ Mt. Hood CC - Pumpkin Relay Meet
Nov. 1 - 3:30-6:30 @ Mt. Hood CC
Nov. 15 - 3:30-6:30 @ Reynolds Pool
Dec. 6 - 3:30-6:30 @ Reynolds Pool
Dec. 13 - 3:30-6:30 @ Reynolds Pool
Jan. 3 - 3:30-6:30 @ Mt. Hood CC - WHCS Hosts!
Jan. 18 - 1:00-5:30 @ Mt. Hood CC - Polliwog (K-3) Championships
Jan 24 or 25 -  1:00-5:30 @ Mt. Hood CC - Cub and Cadet (4-8) Championships
Jan. 31 - 1:00-5:00 @ Mt. Hood CC - All Star Championships 

Helping the Team

I will be asking for volunteers to assist in a few different areas throughout the season.  A few can even be done at the comfort at your home, but some require some training.  Right now, I have a large need for 1-3 more assistant coaches.  All training will be provided, and mostly you need to be an extra set of eyes for safety and a great encourager!  If you have a desire to help in this capacity, please contact Coach Kevin ASAP!

Other jobs will be announced at the Informational Meeting, so please bring your planner!  

I look forward to seeing everyone on October 2!  

Please feel free to forward this on to friends!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Swim Team Parent Meeting! 10/02!!

I will be sending out a lot if information in the next day or so, but I wanted to let you all know that I have scheduled a Swim Team Parent Meeting for October 2 at 7-8 pm in the Auditorium at WHCS.  There will be a lot of information, but you may come just for information and questions if you want to sign up at a later date.  The cutoff for sign-ups are October 10th.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Info for 2014-2015 Season

The season is upon us, and here is most of the information you will need to know!  There will be a pre-season Parent Meeting (TBD), and you can wait to hear all of the final information that night before registering if you choose.  To register please click here.

We will practice primarily at the Valley Catholic Pool (Murray / Farmington in Beaverton) M-Th after school from 4-5.  Friday dry land practices will be at WHCS from 3:15-4:15 every Friday we have school.  Weeknight evening practices are a possibility so far, but not confirmed by the facility.  The exact days of the week your swimmer will swim will be announced soon, since I need to work with the Valley Catholic coach and we have not finalized it yet.  All of our meets will most likely be on Saturday afternoons on 11/01, 11/15, 12/6, 12/13 & 01/03 on the east-side of Portland at a variety of pools. All swimmers must plan make at least three meets this year.  If this is not possible, please contact Coach Kevin for alternatives.

Practices will begin on 10/06 and continue through to the championship meets (everyone swims in at least one championship meet) in January.  I do conduct a swimming evaluation for all NEW swimmers.  This is to assure that all swimmers are able to swim (non-stop) 25 yards safely.  It doesn't have to be a racing stroke (although preferred), then we will teach the rest!  The evaluation will either be Oct. 1 or 2, more info soon on this, and you may wait to register if you are concerned about your child's safety.

I am in need of help this year!  Particularly, I need SWIM COACHES & Stroke and Turn Judges.  Stroke and Turn Judges work at swim meets and we are required to have two working judges for most meets.  If we could have four parents, this would really spread the load out!  MORE COACHES are needed to give the swimmers the best possible experience.  Have you ever considered coaching?  No experience is necessary. You will receive some training from the experienced, returning coaches and really what is needed, is someone to help encourage the kids and keep them moving and safe.  If you are interested or have questions, contact Coach Kevin!

Please don't hesitate to email any questions!

~Coach Kevin

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Newest season information for 2014-2015...

I just wanted to keep you all informed as much as possible.  This is what I know at this time:

  • We are going to have a season, but exact practice times are still being worked out.
    • As always, I will be as flexible as possible...
    • I will update when registration is available as soon as I know.
  • Practices will begin on or around October 6 at Valley Catholic.
  • If you are playing another sport (volleyball or basketball), you will be allowed to participate on the swim team.
    • I will require all swimmers to attend at least one practice a week.
  • The meet schedule is nearly finalized...Most likely it will be:
    • 11/01, 11/15, 12/06, 12/13, & 01/03/15 in the afternoons.
    • Championship meets (for all ages) will follow in January 2015.
  • Cost should be between $150-$175
I hope this email answers a couple questions, and I am very sorry for any delays in this information getting to you.


Coach Kevin

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New season coming soon!

I hope you have been enjoying this wonderful summer break as much as I have!  Hopefully it has included some swimming?!?  Mine has, as I completed one sprint triathlon this month and I have my eye on another next month.

As you start thinking about the beginning of school, keep in mind that the Swim Team will begin around October 1 and will continue until the end of January.  I am still working on the particulars of practice days and times, and I expect to have to have most if it nailed down in the next couple weeks.

Look for an email from Mr. Loiler for this year's registration within the next week, and don't forget to encourage your friends to sign up.

If you want to be removed from this email list, I think you can do it at the bottom of this email OR reply to me and I will remove you.  I will use this list for all subsequent email communications for this year.

~Coach Kevin

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Awards Dessert!

Just a reminder to everyone!  

Everyone is invited to Awards Dessert this Friday, 2/21.  I am going to break the evening up a bit so everyone can be recognized and not have to stay too long.

6:30-7:00 Polliwog (1st-3rd) Awards
7:00-7:30 Dessert, team photo, conversations
7:30-8:15ish Cub and Cadet (4th-8th) Awards

Please RSVP by Feb. 19th to or

Also, if you have the talent of putting together a small slide show to play in the background, please contact me.  I don't have time to put that together, and know the kids would love to see it.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All Star Meet info...

Congrats to the 13 swimmers that have qualified for the All Star Meet on Saturday, February 1 from 1:00 until about 5:00 at the Mt. Hood CC Pool.  I am very excited to take over 25% of our team to this Championship meet on our first year!  Here is a very tentative timeline for the meet this weekend.  I will publish a more current one when it becomes available by CYO:

  • 1:00 - Warm ups begin
  • 1:30ish - Meet begins
  • 2:00ish - 25 Free
  • 2:15ish - Cadet 50 Free
  • 2:25ish - 25/50 Breast
  • 2:45ish - Cub 50 Free
  • 3:15ish - 200 Free
  • 3:30ish - 25/50 Back
  • 4:00ish - 25/50 Fly
As is the case for all Championship Swim Meets, admission fees are $2 for adults and $1 for non-competing children.  We are still responsible for providing volunteers for the meet.  If you could consider volunteering your time, your entry would be free, and you would get a great view of the meet.  Time will pass a little quicker too, if the last meet seemed long :)  The positions that are still available are:
  • Timer
  • Bullpen
  • Heat Winner Ribbons
  • Runner
Our last practice will be tomorrow (Thursday) from 6:30-7:00, but they can stay until 7:15 if needed.  It will be a low yardage practice focusing on visualizing their swims with fast starts, fast turnovers, and fast finishes.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

All Star Meet

Congrats to everyone on a successful season!  I am excited that the first year is almost in the books.
BUT, we still have up to 14 more swimmers for the All Star Meet.  Right now, this is the entry list:

Madison Craft (6)
Girls 6- 25 Free
Emily Jaramillo (4) Girls 4- 25 Free
Girls 4- 50 Free
Girls 4- 25 Back
Katy Willis (4) Girls 4- 25 Fly
Heath Frost (5) Boys 5- 50 Free
Boys 5- 25 Back
Grady Killian (6) Boys 6- 25 Breast
Mark Mittelstaedt (6) Boys 6- 25 Breast
Boys 6- 25 Fly
Garrett Parker (6) Boys 6- 25 Free
Boys 6- 25 Back
Jacob Powers (5) Boys 5- 25 Free
Boys 5- 25 Breast
Boys 5- 25 Back
Christian Walker (8) Boys 8- 50 Free
Boys 8- 200 Free
Boys 8- 50 Back

These are the other possible qualifiers that have not indicated to me that they want to swim:

Gabe Askew (6)Boys 6- 50 Free
Caleb Farmer (6)Boys 6- 25 Back
Boys 6- 25 Fly
Ella Guffee (6)Girls 6- 25 Free

As of right now, these entries reflect times acquired from the developmental meets throughout the season. The results from the Division meet are not yet updated. They should be released early tomorrow. If space allows in the event, I can try to add your swimmer after the results are released.  But they are first-come, first-entered.  So, please let me know right away if you want me to try to enter your swimmer!

Practices this week for All-Stars ONLY:
Monday 4:00-4:45
Thursday 6:30-7:15  

If you can't make one or both of the practices, please email me right away!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Last minute details...

This will be a crowded meet, so plan to get cozy with other swimmers and parents.  Plan to arrive as early as possible for the best spectator seating.  I will arrive by noon to get our team area for the swimmers.  If I am not present in our area, look for a few bright red WHCS towels indicating our area.

I have several items left from the last few meets in my meet bag.  Please see me if you are missing anything.  Also, one of our girl swimmer is missing her size 28 team suit.  Does your family have it?  If so, please bring it to me today.

Lastly, we are still missing 8 volunteers that we are supposed to provide.  You may volunteer as you arrive at the pool, if there are positions still available.  If you would like to volunteer last minute, arrive by 12:30 and check in at the volunteer desk before you pay admission, so you can get in for free.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Division Meet on Saturday!

As you hopefully know by now, the Cub and Cadet final meet is this weekend on Saturday.  See the entries here, or on the blog on the right column.  The meet begins at 1:00 with the warm-ups, so I expect the swimmers to be on the deck, ready to go by 12:45.  If parents are volunteering, they will need to arrive by 12:20 (YES WE STILL NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS!)  Seating is somewhat limited, so you should plan to arrive early or ask another parent to save you a seat.  I believe the facility opens its doors around noon.  Since there are so many people, we will easily find ourselves if we all (swimmers and parents) wear the new (or old) red WHCS T-shirt with (or without) Swim Team labeled on it.

The meet should be over by 5:30, which makes for a long meet.  Your swimmer should come with items to keep them busy while they are waiting for their events.  Reading materials and water resistant games are good ideas.  The swimmers should be away from the pool for most of the meet, so electronic devices are up to parental approval.  Since this meet is over four hours long, the swimmers will probably get hungry.  The best snacking foods would be any light, and nutritious snack that won't make a mess on the pool deck.  Goldfish, Ritz crackers, and Cheerios are poor choices due to how they make a mess once wet on the pool deck.  Fruit, jerky, peanut-free trail mix, wheat thins, etc... are all great choices.

As with all big meets, parent volunteers are in high demand.  Our school must provide 13 volunteers, and currently we have 4.  All positions are for parents only, so please consider volunteering.  Volunteers must check-in by 12:20.  If you can volunteer, please email me immediately and indicate for which position you would like to volunteer.
  • Bullpen
  • Timer
  • Runner
  • Safety Marshal/Timer
Since this is a Championship Meet, there is an entrance fee of $2 adults / $1 children.  Swimmers and coaches get in for free.  Additionally, meet volunteers also get in for free!  Also, I do not have access to the meet program for this meet.  If you want a meet program, they will be sold at the event for $3.  Due to this fact, coaches will be marking the swimmer's hands with Event / Heat/ Lane at the pool to assure they do not miss their event!

Division Meet on Saturday! HELP!!!

Only one more person has responded to my previous requests for volunteers.  Our team still needs to provide quite a few volunteers.  As a volunteer, you will get in to the meet for free.

The positions that are available are:
  • Runners
  • Safety Marshall / Timer
  • Girls locker room monitor
  • Boys locker room monitor
  • Bullpen
  • Timer
Please consider volunteering!  Please email me ASAP to secure your position.  FYI, respond quickly to secure the position you want.  All teams are filling the same positions, and once they are full, you will be placed where ever is needed.

Please look for a blog post/email tonight about the meet specifics.  Briefly, the meet is at Mt. Hood CC on Saturday from 1:00-5:30.  Plan to arrive by 12:45, unless you are volunteering you arrive by 12:15.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Division Volunteers...NEEDED!

One person has responded to my previous request for volunteers.  Our team still needs to provide quite a few volunteers.  As a volunteer, you will get in to the meet for free.

The positions that are available are:
  • Runners
  • Safety Marshall / Timer
  • Girls locker room monitor
  • Boys locker room monitor
  • Bullpen
  • Timer
Please email me ASAP to secure your position.  FYI, respond quickly to secure the position you want.  All teams are filling the same positions, and once they are full, you will be placed where ever is needed.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

End of season party?

I was wondering if anyone would want to plan the end of season party?

I have too many things going on to make it a fun affair.  We would be able to use the auditorium and I will hand out participation certificates, but I would like someone to plan the rest of it.

If this is your calling, please contact me!

Division Championship Meet volunteers!

We need to provide at least 6 more volunteers for the meet this weekend.  Please consider helping during this meet.  One great perk is that you will probably get a better view of the swimmers.  The spectator seating is can be blocked at times by the volunteers.  Another small perk is that the meet will be free for volunteers and swimmers.

If you don't volunteer, plan to arrive early for the best seating.  The meet will be much more crowded than regular meets.  The meet will cost $2 for adults and $1 for students, but swimmers are free.

The positions that are available are:
  • Runners
  • Safety Marshall / Timer
  • Girls locker room monitor
  • Boys locker room monitor
  • Bullpen
  • Timer
We must have at least 6 more volunteers, so please consider volunteering.  If you would like to, please email me right away and signal which position.

Practices for the next two weeks

First off, I want to congratulate the Polliwog swimmers on a fantastic meet today!  They all swam their hearts out, and I couldn't be prouder of how far they have all come this season.

Polliwogs, you are done for the year.  I will look forward to seeing each of you around the school for the remainder of this year, until practices begin again for you next school year.

Cubs and cadets, practices will continue for you this week.  There will be no practice on Monday Jan 20, do to the holiday.  If you normally practice on Monday, please feel free to choose another day and come.  The other available practices are:

  • Tuesday afternoon - 4:00 to 4:45
  • Tuesday evening - 6:30 to 7:15
  • Wednesday afternoon - 4:00 to 4:45
  • Thursday afternoon - 4:00 to 4:45
  • Thursday evening - 6:30 to 7:15
Friday's dryland practice will be in the music room this week from 3:15 to 4:15.  I will go over meet etiquette, final tips on performance and light conditioning.

If your swimmer is entering the All-Star Meet, I think I will only offer Monday afternoon and Thursday evening practices for the week of Jan 27-31.  Please let me know if those times will not work!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Polliwog and Division Meet entries

Here are the entries for the two upcoming meets (Polliwog and Division Championships).  You will only see only our entries.  CYO will sell Meet Programs ($1 or $2) at the meet which will list the heat and lane of your swimmers.  They do not release the Meet Program to the coaches.

They can also be found in the Important Links on the blog.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Division Championships Meet Entry due TODAY!!!

This if for parents of 4th-8th graders ONLY!  Entries for the championship meet are due today by 8pm!  All Cubs and Cadets can swim in this meet.  As of right now, Nelson, Willis, Walker, Frost, Guffee, and McFarland have replied.  

I will not be able to add your swimmer after today.

Click here for meet entry!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

All Star Meet

This meet is for anyone who qualified throughout the season by achieving a time standard.  Please view this report to confirm if your child qualified.  This meet is in a different format, please read carefully.  Swimmers will swim against their grade only.  The meet costs $30 to enter, regardless if you are swimming in 1, 2, or 3 events, but you can only swim in the events you have qualified in.

The meet will be at the Mr. Hood Comm. Coll. pool on Feb. 1, 2014 from 1:00 - 5:00.  There will be approximately 2 heats of every event at each grade level, not by all cubs nor all cadets swimming together.

To enter in the meet, I want you to email me the following two pieces of information:

  1. Swimmer name
  2. Qualified events that they want to swim
I would like to receive this email no later than 5PM Wednesday (if you need longer to decide, contact me ASAP).  I must receive payment for the meet on or by January 31.  Make checks payable to WHCS for $30.

Division Championships

On Saturday, January 25 from 1:00 to 5:30, all of the Cubs (4th-6th grade) and Cadets (7th-8th grade) will swim in their championship meet.  Entries for this meet are due by 10pm on January 14th.  I need all Cubs and Cadets ONLY to enter their events in the meet by 8pm on January 14th Click here to pick entries for the meet.  This will be a regular meet (with relays), but with Cubs and Cadets only.  All of the teams will be present, so this will be a very crowded meet, so when you arrive look for me and the other coaches.  The meet will again be at the Mt. Hood pool.  If you have any any questions, please email me.

Polliwog Meet Update...

Good morning!

I wanted to inform the parent's of Polliwog's of some important information for the meet next Sunday, January 19.  Due to the large number of Polliwogs attending from all of the CYO teams, we must swim in the large pool at Mt. Hood, which is the exact same place as last week.

Warm-ups begin at 1:00 sharp with assigned lanes, and the meet will start at 1:45.  Please have all swimmers in their suits, ready to swim, and with the coaches by 12:45.  With over 300 swimmers at this meet, it is important to give extra time for parking, changing, finding our team area, and getting situated.  The meet should be over by 5:30.  Since there are so many people, we will easily find ourselves if we all wear the new red WHCS T-shirt with Swim Team labeled on it.  You can order yours here!  You must order by 5PM on Monday.

As with all big meets, parent volunteers are in high demand.  Our school must provide 4 volunteers.  Some positions might be full.  If so, you will be moved to another position.  All positions are for parents only.  Volunteers must check-in by 12:15.  If you can volunteer, please email me immediately and indicate for which position you would like to volunteer.

  • Stroke and Turn (must be certified through CYO)
  • Bullpen
  • Timer
  • Runner
  • Ribbon sorter
  • Safety Marshal/Timer
  • Hospitality Room
  • Recorder
  • Revolving door assistant
Since this is a Championship Meet, there is an entrance fee of $2 adults / $1 children.  Swimmers and coaches get in for free.  Additionally, meet volunteers also get in for free!  Also, I do not have access to the meet program for this meet.  If you want a meet program, they will be sold at the event.  I'm not sure how much they will charge, but I believe it will be $1-2.  Please come prepared.  Due to this fact, coaches will be marking the swimmer's hands with Event / Heat/ Lane to assure they do not miss their event!

Since this is the last meet of the season for the Polliwogs, this will also be their last week of practices.  Plan to come the the practices at Valley Catholic Monday through Thursday, and the Dryland Practice at WHCS on Friday.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polliwog (K-3) Championships entries due TODAY!

This if for parents of 1st-3rd graders ONLY!  Entries for the championship meet are due today by 8pm!  All of the Polliwogs can swim in this meet.  As of right now, Dutt, Gowans, and McFarland have replied.  I will not be able to add your swimmer after today.

Click here for meet entry!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Polliwog Championships!

On Sunday, January 19 from 1:00 to 5:30, all of the Polliwogs (K-3rd grade) will swim in their championship meet.  Entries for this meet are due by 10pm on January 7th.  I need all Polliwogs ONLY to enter their events in the meet by 8pm on January 7th Click here to pick entries for the meet.  This will be a regular meet (with relays), but with Polliwogs only.  All of the teams will be present, so this will be a very crowded meet, so when you arrive look for me and the other coaches.  The meet will again be at the Mt. Hood pool, but this time we will be swimming in the indoor pool.  If you have any any questions, please email me.

Meet results

I have listed the results on the side of the blog along with the current list of qualifiers for the All Star Meet.  I will send out a separate blog post about the All Star Meet today or tomorrow.  Click here for yesterday's meet results.

Practices this week

We will be back to regular practice schedule this week.  Swimming practices Monday - Thursday, and a dryland practice on Friday from 3:15 to 4:15.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Meet Program

Click here for the Meet Program.  Since I don't have access to the school's printers (due to Christmas Break) I will not have extra copies.  Please print your own and maybe an additional one for a friend.  Please plan to arrive at the pool early enough to be on the deck by 3:15.

Since we are co-hosting the meet, we need to have all of the volunteer positions filled by noon tomorrow.  Can you please offer yourself to help the swimmers from all teams.  Fortunately, we are co-hosting this meet, so we only need to fill half of the positions.  Click here to volunteer!

WHCS Swim Team Calendar