Schedule (2015-2016)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Meet entries for November 5th Meet

I am excited for our first developmental meet at the Mt. Hood CC Aquatic Center (I will send the exact address later this week) from 2:00 to 5:00pm this Saturday!  I need you to let me know if your swimmer will be participating OR NOT (please click the link below).  Once you have indicated if your swimmer is coming or not, you can select their events for their meet, if there is something they want to swim.  If you would rather the coaching staff choose, please click the box to let me know they will be there and leave the event entry sections blank.  ALL ENTRIES MUST BE COMPLETED BY 8PM TUESDAY NIGHT!  If there is NO response, I assume your swimmer will not be participating!  My entries are due to CYO by noon on Wednesday, and it is nearly impossible to enter them in the meet after noon on Wednesday.

Each swimmer can swim up to three individual events and one relay or two individual events and two relays.  The coaching staff will assign all relays.  Here is a listing of all events.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Time Trials tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow from 4-6pm at the Beaverton Swim Center, we will have our Time Trials.  I hope everyone can come, especially the newer swimmers.  This is a great way to get an idea on how meets work.

Swimmers should bring their meet suit, if they have it, otherwise any suit will be fine.  Bring 2 towels, just to be sure they can stay warm while they aren't swimming.  Bring their WHCS Swim Cap, if they have one already, if not, we will have more to give out.  Lastly, a water bottle is always a good idea, so they can stay hydrated.

We will need volunteers for the time trials.  You can step up to volunteer at the time trials.  Here is what is needed:

  • 6+ timers (if you have a stopwatch, bring it!)
  • 1 starter (start the races with a script)
  • 1 or 2 recorders
There is no need to email me, just let me know after our team meeting which starts promptly at 4:00 at the Beaverton Swim Center.

~Coach Kevin

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Time Trials 10/29

Don't forget, this Saturday (10/29) is our first time to swim fast.  We are going to have a time trial session, which means that everyone gets a chance to dive in and swim fast.  We will be timing each race, so everyone that swims will have a base time for the season.

The Time Trials will be at the Beaverton Swim Center from 4:00-6:00pm.  Swimmer should be on the deck with caps and goggles by 4:00.  We will have a short team meeting and start warm-ups at 4:10.  The first events will swim at 4:30.  If we finish early, you are welcome to take your swimmer home, or they can stay and the pool will be open for recreation swim until 6:00.

Be looking for a volunteer sign-up sheet in the next day or two.

Roster is coming!

I have been asked by several people for a complete roster.  I will be publishing one soon.  I need to know a couple things from your family.  Please try to take care of this by the end of the day so I can publish soon.

  1. If your swimmer isn't listed, I am still waiting for your complete registration.  If you are lost in the CYO registration "black hole", please email me to let me know what has been completed and our Athletic Director, Doug Loiler, can research to see what is happening.
  2. If your Practice Day is not filled in, please email me and let me know which day you would like to swim.  All days are back open to signing up, and currently Tuesday = 8, Wednesday = 11, and Thursday = 3.  *Note, several blank names were submitted when I previously asked for practice days.
  3. If you don't want your contact information listed, email me to let me know.  I will be using the registration information you listed.  I will include the parent names and home phone numbers you entered.

Practice DayFirst NameLast Name
Tuesday AmalieBates
Wednesday GraceBrownlee
Tuesday KinleyDeewall
Tuesday RowanDooley
Wednesday EdenDounies
Wednesday KathrynGroscup
Tuesday SophiaHeilman
Wednesday AnnikaHIlton
Wednesday HannahHilton
Tuesday MollyKlingner
Wednesday ReidKlingner
Thursday SydneyLeslie
Wednesday EllyMcMahon
Wednesday LucyMcmahon
Wednesday RileyMcMahon
Tuesday HavenSlocum
Tuesday TrinitySlocum
Tuesday isastan
Wednesday MayaTerhaar
Thursday MadeleineVore
Thursday MasonVore
Wednesday AdamWachsmuth

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dryland practice starts tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder...dryland practice starts tomorrow!  It begins at 3:15, and coaches will pick up the swimmers from carpool.  Please instruct your swimmer to go out with their class to carpool and they will need to listen for the coaches to call them in.  They can bring their backpacks and school supplies into the auditorium with them.

They will need to wear clothes that they can move freely in and shoes that can also support movement and running.

Please plan to pick up your swimmer at 4:30.  You can come into the auditorium to pick them up, or they will be walked out to the side doors by the gym and you can drive up to pick them up.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Volunteers needed!

There are three key positions where we could use some help for this season:
  • Computer operator for meets
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Stroke and turn judge

Below is a quick idea of what each position consists of.

Computer operator for meets - You will run the computer software for the meet we host on Nov. 19.  The computer and software are provided.  Training comes on two dates.  First, THIS THURSDAY from 6-8pm at the CYO Office.  Next, during the meet on Nov. 12, you can observe and assist the host team on that day.  On Nov. 19, you will be running the meet via the software on the computer.  I will be available to answer questions as needed.

Volunteer coordinator - You would be responsible for setting up a volunteer site and soliciting families for volunteer positions at meets.  There are four meets (one in November and three in January) where we need help with volunteers.

Stroke and turn judge - Our team needs to have at least four judges, and we currently have two.  If we have four judges, they can work every other meet since all teams must provide judges at the meets.  Coach Kevin will provide the training via a video and discussion at the school, one night that works into everyone's schedule in the near future.  It is easier to be a S&T judge if you have some previous swim team experience so you have some prior knowledge of the four basic strokes.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions, please email us here!  Due to the timing of training, we really need to have a computer operator volunteer soon.

Thank you for considering volunteering!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Practice Days and Registrations

So far, 10 families have responded to which days they can come to practice.  Currently, no one is planning to go to Thursdays practice.  Please respond here to let us know which days to expect your swimmer.

Currently, only 19 swimmers have registered for swimming.  I have had verbal commitments from more people, and it is now time to register so I can have an accurate roster.

If you have any questions, as always...just ask.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Practice updates

I have bad news and good news...

Bad news - Due to a scheduling miscommunication, practices will start at the Beaverton Swim Center on Sunday Oct. 23.  They DO NOT begin this Sunday (10/16)!!

Good News - Hurray!  We have grown!!  I expect that we will have 30+ swimmers this year.  Since this can create issues with pool space, we will be offering practice three days a week at Valley Catholic.  To start the season, I am asking each swimmer to choose one day a week to swim at VC.  The second swim practice should be at Beaverton Swim Center on Sunday nights from 6-7.  Can you please fill out this form for each swimmer in your family to let us know which day you will be coming.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Valley Catholic Pool location

The swim assessment is still scheduled for today at 5:00pm at the Valley Catholic pool.  The pool is located to the east of the elementary school on their campus.  Please refer to the map and text below.

Since it can be hard to find where the pool is on the Valley Catholic campus, I have included this photo from Google Maps.  The pool is the red arrow.  You will want to park somewhere close to the tennis courts and walk to the pool.  If you are using a GPS, I typically just enter "Valley Catholic High School", and mine gets me there just fine.

Valley Catholic Pool location

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Practice begins 10/16!

I was just informed of a mistake I wrote on the previous blog post about the season information

Swim Team practices begin on Sunday, October 16.  Please help spread the word to any friends who may not read this email.

I mistakingly had Parent Information meeting on Oct. 10 at 7:00pm in the library on my mind when I wrote that date.  However, this meeting is very important, so please try to attend it.  I will highlight the important facts for the entire season and answer any questions you have.

We are still working on the exact practice schedule, but I wanted to highlight two practices that are going to integral to your swimmer's performance this year.  Please put them on your calendars now.

  • Friday afternoons (begins 10/21) at WHCS (3:15-4:30) we will have a dryland practice which will incorporate strength training, flexibility, and videos for learning proper techniques.
  • Sunday nights (begins 10/16) at Beaverton Swim Center (6:00-7:00) we will have a full pool to workout in.  Each Sunday night there will be a drawing for a prize ( cream) to encourage the swimmer's attendance.
There will be more information about these practices and the weekday practices at the Parent/Information Meeting on Oct. 10.

I am sorry for any confusion I created!!

~Coach Kevin

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