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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Upcoming practices

Due to the holiday coming up, I wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming practices over next couple weeks.

11/17 (Fri) Dryland 3:15-4:15 - Have your swimmer walk to the Auditorium immediately after school
11/19 (Sun) Swim  6:00-7:00 - @ Beaverton Swim Center
11/21 (Tues) Swim 5:00-6:00/6:30 - @ Valley Catholic
11/22 (Wed) Swim 5:00-6:00/6:30 - @ Valley Catholic
11/26 (Sun) Swim  6:00-7:00 - @ Beaverton Swim Center
11/28 (Tues) Swim 5:00-6:00/6:30 - @ Valley Catholic
11/29 (Wed) Swim 5:00-6:00/6:30 - @ Valley Catholic
11/30 (Thur) Swim 5:00-6:00/6:30 - @ Valley Catholic
12/01 (Fri) Dryland 3:15-4:15 - Have your swimmer walk to the Auditorium immediately after school

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Practices this week / Extra practices / Meet results

Just a reminder about practices this week.  They will be the normal Tues, Wed, Thurs (5-6/6:30) and Sunday.  FYI, we will have Sunday night practices (6-7) every Sunday from now until Christmas Break, including Thanksgiving Break weeks! The practice schedule for next week will be released later this week.

Many of you have been wondering if your swimmer can come to another weekday practice.  YES!  But there is a safety issue to address.  Due to the limited space at Valley Catholic, having more than 8 swimmers in any lane is unsafe, so the practices will be capped at 24 swimmers.

Isabella KelsoEden VixieRowan Dooley
Kinley DeewallRachel MotschenbacerJocelynne Starr
Elyse DeewallLucy McMahonHaiyden Campbell 
Nevi LarsenElly Jo McMahonReid Klingner
Zoe GuevaraEllaJean JonesSamantha Smythe 
Milo LarsenElla AtienzaMadeleine Vore
Emily ShaferMaxwell MontangMason Vore
Julia ShaferMadelyn MontangIan Fruehauf
Ella LaceyAinsley KillianElla Fruehauf
Molly KlingnerJocelynne Starr
Claire BrownleeGrace Powers
Grace BrownleeAmalie Bates
Owen RudzekParker Bates
Zoe RudzekJosiah Nunez
Anne Russell
Dylan Franklin
Gabriella Franklin
Izzi Kondo
Currently,  we have 8 openings on Tuesday, 13 openings on Wednesday, and 4 openings on Thursday.  Please email me at to indicate if you want your swimmer coming to an additional day.  Also, let me know of any changes, if that happens in the future.  I have added this spreadsheet to the blog on the top bar next to our swim meet schedule for your future use.

Lastly, the meet results are posted from this weekend's meet.  They can also be found here...

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Meet on 11/12

It's time for our next meet!  This time it is at the Reynolds Pool, which is actually located at their middle school/administration (not the high school).  The address of the building is 1204 NE 201st Ave., Fairview, OR.  The pool is located on the far side of the building, near the track.  It is easier to access the pool off of Halsey St, just past 201st.

The Reynolds pool is a more typical pool set-up that most of us are accustom to.  When you child isn't swimming, I would prefer them to remain the team area with the other swimmers.  If you want your child to spend time with you, please meet them away from the team area.  The seating section at Reynolds is smaller, so plan to sit with other WHCS parents.  This way the swimmers can find you in the stands easier!

The meet program can be found here.  Warm-ups begin at 1:00 and volunteers should be in their place by 12:50 and all swimmers should be on the deck by 12:45.  The meet will end before 4:00pm.

Finally, if your swimmer has become ill and will not be at the meet, please email me ASAP or text me at 503-267-2346.

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