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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Practices for the next two weeks...

I have heard that some people are confused about the practices over the next two weeks, so here is a listing of the practices:

Mon - Dec 21 - 10-11am at Valley Catholic
Tues - Dec 22 - 10-11am at Valley Catholic
Wed - Dec 23 - 10-11am at Valley Catholic

Mon - Dec 28 - 10-11am at Valley Catholic
Tues - Dec 29 - 10-11am at Valley Catholic
Wed - Dec 30 - 10-11am at Valley Catholic
Sun - Jan 3 - 6-7pm at Beaverton Swim Center

There is NO practice at Beaverton Swim Center this coming week.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thursday practice canceled!

Tomorrow's swim practice is canceled.  We apologize for the short notice.  Practice will resume next week for the Christmas break practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Practices this week...

Practices this week will be during normal times, except the Friday dryland is cancelled, due to no school.

Practices during Christmas Break will be from 10:00-11:00 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of both weeks.  I will be sending out more information this week.

Thank you all for a great Time Trial yesterday.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the swimmers try their best and have fun at the end.  If you have any suggestions to make this a better event for the future, please email me your ideas or suggestions!

~Coach Kevin

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Stop Watches Needed!!!!

Hello everyone,
Since this is our first time doing time trials, we realized that we don't have all the supplies we need. We are in need of  at least 6 stop watches. The watches can be in any form that keeps time I.E. Wrist watches, iPhones, traditional stop watches, etc. The only requirement is that it times down to the hundredth of a second. Have a good rest of your day and I look forward to seeing all of you today.

Friday, December 11, 2015


I am sorry for the late notice, but it was just brought to my attention that there is no space for our dryland practice today.  The auditorium will be set up for the concert tonight, and the gym has a basketball scrimmage scheduled.

Please plan to pick up your child at carpool or make arrangements for afterschool care.  The Lobby can help forward messages if needed.  I will also spread the word to all of the swimmers I see.

Sorry for the late notice!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Updated link for Time Trial attendance

Here is an updated link to let us know if your swimmer will be coming.  I (obviously) use Google and they released a new version of Forms, and I forgot to click the checkbox to allow EVERYONE to respond.

It has now been fixed!  Some of you emailed me directly, if you did, could you please still fill out this form?  Thank you!

Time Trial attendance and voluteering

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Time Trials this Saturday!

You may have been wondering what is going on this weekend with the Time Trials.  You will find all of the pertinent information you should need.  First and foremost, it will be FUN!  We have never tried anything like this before, so hopefully this will catch on as an annual event.

Time trials will be similar to a swim meet, but different.  Swimmers will swim in a variety of events, but not bound to a certain a maximum number of events.  Some of the events for the day will be traditional events for time recording purposes.  Other events will be purely for fun and not timed.  There will be a combination of individual events and relays.

Please arrive at the Beaverton Swim Center in the spectator section (on the side of the pool) around 3:45-4:00, not before 3:45.  Warmups will begin at 4:15.  The time trials will begin around 4:30.  We will need some parents for timing, a parent to start the races.  If you wish to help out, see the link below.  After the races are done, the pool will be open for the swimmers to play around.  The entire facility will be ours, including the diving boards, mats, and pool toys.  We must be out of pool by 6:00, but you can feel free to leave anytime after the races are done, if you need to leave early.

Please note, there will NOT be a Sunday practice this week.

Please click here to let us know if your swimmer will be coming and if you can volunteer.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Dec. 6 meet program and details

Meet Program can be found here.

Here are some details for the meet on SUNDAY.  It is at the Mt. Hood CC Aquatic Center again, but this time, we are swimming under the bubble.  This is a much larger pool, so if your swimmer can become anxious, please let them know that they are swimming the same distance, but it just looks bigger.

Bathrooms are the other issue, they are located in the main building, so it can be quite a walk (there are no restrooms in the bubble).  We will be telling all Polliwog swimmers to find their parent to walk them to the restroom, if needed during the meet.  Please discuss with your cub and cadet if you wish them to do the same.

We are co-hosting this meet (in theory), but it appears the much larger team we are co-hosting with (they host meets often) has filled all the necessary volunteer spots.  If you really want a volunteering role, email me.  Otherwise, feel free to come, relax, and cheer.

Most of our meets up to this point have been about 100-120 swimmers, this will be a large developmental meet...around 180+ swimmers!  Plan accordingly for travel time, parking, and finding a place to sit.  I want to see all swimmers on deck by 12:40, but do not arrive at the facility before 12:15.  Due to the large meet, warmups will start at 1:00, and they will be shortened.  The meet will start by 1:15.  The meet will conclude near 4:00, due to its size.

If for some reason you need to get in touch with me before the meet on Sunday (ill swimmer, traffic, blown tire) please text or call my cell - 503-267-2346.

Coach Kevin

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Meet entries for Dec. 6

At this point, I only have 16 swimmers that have indicated if they are going to swim or not.  Please see this report for entered swimmers.

If your swimmer is not listed, please enter them ASAP.  I need to have this finalized and sent to CYO  tomorrow morning. If you enter late, they may not be included in a relay.

I can NOT enter any swimmers after tomorrow morning, but I can take them out.  If you are a maybe, please enter them and let me know your possibilities of coming.

Click here for the Meet Entry form

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