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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Roster is coming!

I have been asked by several people for a complete roster.  I will be publishing one soon.  I need to know a couple things from your family.  Please try to take care of this by the end of the day so I can publish soon.

  1. If your swimmer isn't listed, I am still waiting for your complete registration.  If you are lost in the CYO registration "black hole", please email me to let me know what has been completed and our Athletic Director, Doug Loiler, can research to see what is happening.
  2. If your Practice Day is not filled in, please email me and let me know which day you would like to swim.  All days are back open to signing up, and currently Tuesday = 8, Wednesday = 11, and Thursday = 3.  *Note, several blank names were submitted when I previously asked for practice days.
  3. If you don't want your contact information listed, email me to let me know.  I will be using the registration information you listed.  I will include the parent names and home phone numbers you entered.

Practice DayFirst NameLast Name
Tuesday AmalieBates
Wednesday GraceBrownlee
Tuesday KinleyDeewall
Tuesday RowanDooley
Wednesday EdenDounies
Wednesday KathrynGroscup
Tuesday SophiaHeilman
Wednesday AnnikaHIlton
Wednesday HannahHilton
Tuesday MollyKlingner
Wednesday ReidKlingner
Thursday SydneyLeslie
Wednesday EllyMcMahon
Wednesday LucyMcmahon
Wednesday RileyMcMahon
Tuesday HavenSlocum
Tuesday TrinitySlocum
Tuesday isastan
Wednesday MayaTerhaar
Thursday MadeleineVore
Thursday MasonVore
Wednesday AdamWachsmuth

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