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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Division Meet on Saturday!

As you hopefully know by now, the Cub and Cadet final meet is this weekend on Saturday.  See the entries here, or on the blog on the right column.  The meet begins at 1:00 with the warm-ups, so I expect the swimmers to be on the deck, ready to go by 12:45.  If parents are volunteering, they will need to arrive by 12:20 (YES WE STILL NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS!)  Seating is somewhat limited, so you should plan to arrive early or ask another parent to save you a seat.  I believe the facility opens its doors around noon.  Since there are so many people, we will easily find ourselves if we all (swimmers and parents) wear the new (or old) red WHCS T-shirt with (or without) Swim Team labeled on it.

The meet should be over by 5:30, which makes for a long meet.  Your swimmer should come with items to keep them busy while they are waiting for their events.  Reading materials and water resistant games are good ideas.  The swimmers should be away from the pool for most of the meet, so electronic devices are up to parental approval.  Since this meet is over four hours long, the swimmers will probably get hungry.  The best snacking foods would be any light, and nutritious snack that won't make a mess on the pool deck.  Goldfish, Ritz crackers, and Cheerios are poor choices due to how they make a mess once wet on the pool deck.  Fruit, jerky, peanut-free trail mix, wheat thins, etc... are all great choices.

As with all big meets, parent volunteers are in high demand.  Our school must provide 13 volunteers, and currently we have 4.  All positions are for parents only, so please consider volunteering.  Volunteers must check-in by 12:20.  If you can volunteer, please email me immediately and indicate for which position you would like to volunteer.
  • Bullpen
  • Timer
  • Runner
  • Safety Marshal/Timer
Since this is a Championship Meet, there is an entrance fee of $2 adults / $1 children.  Swimmers and coaches get in for free.  Additionally, meet volunteers also get in for free!  Also, I do not have access to the meet program for this meet.  If you want a meet program, they will be sold at the event for $3.  Due to this fact, coaches will be marking the swimmer's hands with Event / Heat/ Lane at the pool to assure they do not miss their event!

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