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Monday, October 6, 2014

Practice Schedule updated...

From today forward, you will find the day of your practice in the following document.  I will regularly update it, so check back frequently.  You can also find it on the Blog home page under Important Links.  I populated this list from the signups at the Informational Meeting on Thursday night.

I currently have a lot of information on there, but it will be paired down during the season and only the practice schedule will be displayed.  Right now, you can also find the current registrations as of 8pm on 10/6.  Each practice day is listed with the available spaces open for practice.  Once a practice is full, I will not allow any more sign-ups for that day.  If you have not signed up for a day, please email me to let me know what day your swimmer will be attending.  You do not need to respond for Friday or weekend practices, because everyone is encouraged to come to those days and we have no limits on those days.

Please note currently many people are highlighted in the practice schedule.  As of now, they have not registered.  If you are a returning swimmer you must register by 10/9 to keep your space.  If you are a new swimmer, you have until 10/13 since the swimming assessment will be on 10/11 at the Beaverton Swim Center practice.

Please view the Practice Schedule here.

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