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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dryland practice tomorrow

Tomorrow will be our first dryland practice of the season. It will begin around 3:15. The swimmers will be called out by me from the carpool lines. Remind them, they need to go with their class at the end of the day out to carpool, then look for their coaches.

During the practice, we will do a variety of different exercises, so they should be dressed in attire (and shoes) in which they can move around easily.  Additionally, they should bring water (and a nutritious snack to eat before practice if they wish).

Practice will be done by 4:30. To pick up your swimmer, park or stay in your car on the side of the school nearest the gyms. I will bring them out to you. If you wish to watch the end of practice, feel free to park and join us at any time in the auditorium.

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