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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Meet Details!

The Pumpkin Meet is a few short hours away and I hope this email will let you know everything you think you need to know...

Mt. Hood CC - Aquatic Center (50 meter pool)
Relay Meet (no individual events)

Please plan to have your swimmer on the deck in their suit by 12:45.  The suits you ordered have not arrived yet, but I do have swim caps for every swimmer.  Wear any suit your swimmer feels comfortable wearing.  I will give them the new swim caps (RED!) and have a team meeting immediately before warm ups begin at 1:00.  The meet will start by 1:30, and will be concluded by 4:00.

Parents should sit closest to the race course (at the far end), and the swimmers will sit by the coaching staff.  Swimmer should bring 2 towels (labeled!), a light snack if needed, and WATER!

If your child is 3rd grade or younger and they need to go to the restroom, I will have them find you to take them, since it is quite a long walk back to the restrooms.

Due to the nature of this meet, it is hard to create relay groups for all of the different events due to swimmers coming late, leaving early, and illnesses.  So, I have only seeded a few different events.  I will encourage your swimmer to find some friends and make their own relay teams for many of the other events.  Most relay teams are 4 swimmers and some are 6 swimmers.  Some allow a mixture of genders and ages.  Here is a list of the events with limited explanation.

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