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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Suits, t-shirts, and meet schedule

I am looking forward to seeing everyone Thursday night from 7-8 for the Informational Meeting.  Here is some more information that I have been gathering.


There are two ways to order your suits.  First, your swimmer can go to JD Pence before Thursday and get sized and pay there.  Or, bring them with you Thursday night and they can be sized here and you can pay here.  Either way, they will also have a other items for sale at a reduced amount.  Click here to see the options.  They are selling an optional mesh gear bag.  It is not necessary, but some families requested this last year.

If you want to use last year's suit, that is completely fine!  You do not have to buy a new suit, but this year's suit will look different.  But, we will stay with this new suit for many years to come.  I apologize that last year's suit will not be continued this year!  If you want to donate last year's suit to another WHCS swimmer, we are going to collect them for an "Extra Suit Shop" at the Informational Meeting.  We ask you wash your suit prior to donating it, and we will give the old suits away for a suggested donation to the Swim Team of up to $5.


We are going to keep the same shirts as last year.  We will begin ordering them at the Informational Meeting.  Deadline for the T-Shirt order will be around October 10.  More details about price and what they look like will be discussed at the Meeting.  The cost will be about $10.

Meet Schedule

Click here for a copy of this year's schedule.  I do not expect it to change any more, and I will notify everyone if it does change at all.

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