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Friday, November 8, 2013

Nov. 9 Meet

I am very excited for our meet tomorrow!  The warm ups begins at 4:30 at the Lake Oswego HS Pool.  It is located to the to the east of the High School which is located at 2501 Country Club Rd, Lake Oswego.  I just received an email from the host team letting us know that swimmers will be allowed to walk into the facility at 4:15.

Please view the meet program, and print it for your reference during the meet. Remind your swimmers to listen for the coaches to give them their event entry cards.  I suggest writing your swimmers events with a sharpie on their hand or arm before they get in the pool in a way similar to this photo.  You can see the event, heat, and lane from the meet program.  Coaches can assist with this if necessary.  This way, they know exactly when they are swimming.  In this photo, this swimmer's first event is Event 8, Heat 3, and Lane 6.  The next is Event 20, Heat 2, and Lane 4.  Please only write the individual events.

Please make sure you view the link to the blog and look at the Important Links on the right.  One of the documents is a listing of the All Star Meet qualifying times.  The only way to get into the All Star Meet is with a qualifying time in a developmental meet, and a few swimmers have already achieved qualifying times.  If your swimmer is interested in swimming in the All Star Meet, please share the qualifying times with them.

Please feel free to ask me any questions I may have missed.  Do not respond to the email, as it sends it to a noreply address.  You have two options: first you can comment on the blog, or you can send an email to

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