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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Meet recap / Practices this week

I am so excited by what I saw yesterday.  West Hills has some talented swimmers, and I love how they used their God-given talents to try their hardest and succeed!

Now for a couple of items to discuss with parents and swimmers.  First of all, we all need to get to the pool earlier (me included).  Let's shoot for having the swimmers on deck, in their suits, ready to swim 15 minutes before the the scheduled start of the meet.  Our next meet at the Lake Oswego HS Pool is scheduled to start warm ups at 4:30.  Let's try to have everyone in suits on deck at 4:15.

Feel free to print the meet program at home and share it with your swimmer.  Have them look at the event numbers and realize how close or far apart their events are.  Also, too many swimmers did not realize they were in relays.  Let them look at the relays or let them know when they are swimming and with who.  I will always have a meet report posted, but I want them to know what they are swimming before everyone gets to the meet.

Also, pack two towels for your swimmer.  One to sit on and get very wet, and one to dry off with and keep warm.  All of the snacks I saw were great!  Keep them performing well with nutritious snacks.

We will be hosting the meet in two weeks, and parents are always encouraged to volunteer at every meet.  If you want to be involved, you do not need to be invited.  If you want to be a timer, take an empty seat.  If you want to work in the bullpen or other positions, inquire if they need help at the table with a computer operator.

Results will be posted tonight or tomorrow by CYO.  I will make a link on the main blog page and send a post to let everyone know exactly where to find them.  As I expected, we had many DQ's.  Some of them occurred due to the finer points of the more technical strokes.  A majority of them came in one of three main areas that we will work on in practice this week.  If your swimmer was DQ'd in one of these strokes, this is probably one of the reasons:

  • Freestyle - walking/using bottom of pool
  • Backstroke - turning over on front before the end of the race (Swimmers must finish on their back)
  • Breaststroke - finishing with one hand (Swimmers must touch the wall with two hands simultaneously)
Lost and found items from Nov. 2 Meet
I found these items left behind.  If they are yours, I will bring them to practices this week.

Practices this week:

Normal practices this week.  

Coach Kevin will not be at practice Tuesday night or Wednesday.  This will be my regular schedule going forward.  With 7 practices a week, I need to step back a little for my own sanity.  I hope you understand.

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