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Monday, January 9, 2017

Volunteers needed for Polliwog Meet

With the Polliwog meet this weekend, we are still short three volunteers.  Julie Motschenbacher has been doing a great job of updating everyone, but I need to remind everyone that it is first come, first served.  As of earlier today, there were only;

  • 5 timer spots left
  • 3 runner spots left
  • 6 bullpen spots left
  • 2 heat ribbon judges spots left

If you want to volunteer for any of these positions, please email Julie immediately at (or click the link)  Don't forget that you receive free entry (normally $2 per adult), if you volunteer before Saturday.

I will send out more information about the meet on Wednesday, but expect to arrive around noon and to leave around 5:30.  The email on Wednesday will be more detailed.

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