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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Volunteers needed for Cub and Cadet Meet

Sorry to bombard your email accounts, but we are in great need for 6 more volunteers for Sunday's meet.  There are only timer and bullpen positions left, so please email Julie M. and let her know which position you would like to volunteer for.  If we do not provide enough volunteers, the coaching staff may have to fill the needed positions.

If you were thinking of volunteering at the meet for any open positions, you will be allowed to do it after you pay the entrance fee.  But if you plan ahead, and email Julie now, you can get in for free (and you will get a free heat sheet in some positions).  I know that only saves up to $4, but every little bit counts, right? :)

So please help us by volunteering now!

Email Julie M. here!

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