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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Championship meets

Polliwog Championship Meet

I have a minor date correction for the meet.  My last email stated that it was on Saturday, Jan 14, but that was incorrect.  The meet is on Sunday, Jan 15 as previously stated.

Below you will find an entry list for all WHCS Polliwog swimmers.  For each swimmer, relays are listed in a different format.  If you child has a 1-4 next to their name, they are swimming that relay, but if they have a 5-8 next to their name, they are an alternate for that relay and could swim if swimmers are absent.

WHCS Polliwog Entries

Additionally, I cannot publish heat sheets for this meet.  They will cost $2 each and can be purchased with your admission fee ($2 adult / $1 child).  Your swimmer is free, and if you want to be free, you can volunteer by emailing Julie Motschenbacher. :)

Cub and Cadet Championship Meet

Entries for the Cub and Cadet Championship Meet (everyone swims) on Sunday, January 22 from 1:00-5:30pm at MHCC are due today by 9pm!  As of right now, I only have 6 entries (Riley, Lucy, Maya, Rowan, Amalie, and Grace).  EVERYONE else must submit their meet entries TODAY.  Please click this link for your entries.

All Star Meet

This meet information will be coming out later this week, but remember that it is on Saturday, January 28 from 1:00-5:00.  This is a fee-based, qualifying meet.  All swimmers who qualify for it can swim for about a $40 flat fee (meaning whether they qualify for one or three events, it will cost a total of about $40, exact charge will be announced before entries open). Entries will begin later this week and end on Jan. 24, and your fee payment must accompany entries.  Currently, here is a listing (2 pages) of who has qualified and in which events.

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