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Thursday, January 12, 2017

All-Star Meet info

It is time to sign up the cubs and cadets for the All-Star Meet on Saturday, January 28 from 1:00-5:30pm at MHCC.  I would like to have all entries by Monday at 8PM.  But this time, I need an email stating which events they want to swim.  This meet is not part of the season, thus it costs $40 per swimmer.  Each swimmer can swim up to 3 events.  You can only swim in events which they have already qualified for.  Currently, here is a listing (2 pages) of who has qualified and in which events.  (PLEASE NOTE:  the previous versions of this file had our Time Trials included, but those are not valid events for the All-Star Meet since it was not a CYO sanctioned meet.)

Email Kevin your entries here or at  (Do not reply to this goes into a black hole!)

I will need a check for $40 made payable to WHCS on or by the Cub and Cadet Meet next Saturday, if your swimmer wants to participate in the All-Star Meet.  Again, this fee covers the entry into one to three events for one swimmer.  There won't be any relays.

If you have not been to the All-Star Meet before, it is a unique meet.  Swimmers will compete against swimmers from their grade only from all of the teams.  So, if your 5th grade girl swimmer qualified in 25 free, at this meet they will only swim against other 5th grade girls in 25 free!  This meet is a fun meet to watch, since there are a lot of fast races.

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