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Sunday, January 18, 2015

WOW! Polliwogs, practices, and

WOW!  The Polliwogs swam great today!  So many PR's!!  I am a very happy coach to see such amazing efforts by everyone.  They each knew it was a championship meet, and they all performed amazingly, with many their fastest times...EVER!

Next weekend, it is the cubs and cadets turn to show their best swims!  I can't wait to see what the meet holds. There will be more information about the meet coming this week.

All-Star meet entries are offically due on Monday (tomorrow) at 9pm.  Currently I have entries from, Dutt, Gowens, McFarland, Farmer x2, Craft, Jaramillo, Parker, Powers, Reynolds x2, and Killian x2.  Please provide checks to WHCS for $35 for each swimmer.  They must be handed to Coach Kevin before the All-Star Meet; at school via your swimmer is fine.

All-Star meet entry form

We still need volunteers...badly!  We need 5 more people for the Division meet, and thank you to the Gowens, Killian, Farmer, Dutt x2, Mittelstaedt, and Vreugdenhil families.  And, we also need 5 more people for the All-Star meet, and thank you to the Gowens, Farmer, and Dutt x2 familes.

Championship meet volunteering form

Finally, our practice schedule this week is slightly adjusted.  ALL practices at VC will be from 4-5! (Including Tuesday)  VC has an adjusted school schedule which allows us to have the pool by ourselves from 4-5 all week.  We will still have our last Dryland Practice from 3:15 - 4:30 on Friday.

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