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Monday, January 12, 2015

Division Meet entries and volunteers...

First, we are still in need of quite a few volunteers for the Division and All-Star meets!  Please, volunteer...HERE!  Thank you to the Farmer, Gowens, and Killian families for volunteering.

As a reminder, the last meets are coming up quickly.  The Polliwog meet is this weekend (1/18), and 10 of 12 swimmers are attending.  It is going to be a great meet, with more information coming in the next couple days.

For the Division Meet, I have only heard from 8 families (Dutt, Gitt, Golden, Gowens, Killian, McFarland, Mittelstaedt, and Woody).  This is the last meet for some, and it is a fun and fast meet.  Plan to come to this great meet!

Division Meet entry form.  Please enter by 9PM Tuesday night.

The final meet of the season is the All-Star meet.  It is even "faster" and "funner" and it is for QUALIFIED cubs and cadets.  Please note, this is a fee-based meet.  All swimmers will need to pay $35 (via check to WHCS) whether they swim in one, two, or three individual events.  There are no relays, and swimmers only swim against swimmers in their grade. 

All-Star Meet entry form.  Please try to enter by 9PM Tuesday night, but if you have questions, I have a few extra days before entries are due for this meet.

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