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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Swim meet recap

Thank you for your patience and cheering for our first meet.  I realize that this was the first swim meet for over half of our team, and I am so proud of the swimmers in how they went with the flow!  Every swimmer, whether they had a fear of swimming in a race or not, all swam fantastically!   The purpose of this meet was to allow many first time swimmers (which our team has many) the chance to swim as a part of a relay and to conquer their fear.

Our future meets will not run like this one.  The rest of the meets are a majority of individual events, and one or two swims as a part of a relay.  The order of events will not change for the rest of the season.  Typically swimmers (and parents) will sign up for events by 10 pm on Wednesday nights.  Then, I will send out and publish heat sheets before the meet via the blog.

The following is how the meets will work in the future:

  • When swimmers arrive, they will warm up in our predetermined lanes.
  • We will have a quick team meeting and team cheer.
  • Swimmers will learn to follow the meet and when a swimmer gets close to their event, they will get their event card from a coach.
  • They will walk themselves to the bullpen for each event with their event card in hand.
  • They will hand their card bullpen for final heat and lane assignment.
  • When instructed, they will walk to their lane and hand the timer their event card.
  • Get ready to swim!
  • Go FAST!
  • Once done with all of their events, swimmers may leave once they check out with a coach.
Please look for a blog post tomorrow to sign up for the meet on November 2 back at Reynolds Pool.  You must sign up by 8pm on Wednesday night.

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