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Monday, October 28, 2013

November 2nd Meet Entries

I am excited for our first developmental meet at the Reynolds Pool (same place) from 3:30 to 6:30pm this Saturday!  I need you to let me know if your swimmer will be participating.  Also, you can help your swimmer select the events for their meet, if there is something they want to swim.  If you would rather me to choose, please click the box to let me know they will be there and leave the event entry sections blank.  YOU MUST HAVE ALL ENTRIES COMPLETED BY 8PM WEDNESDAY NIGHT!  Or, I will do them.  My entries are due to CYO by 10 pm.

Click here for meet attendance and selecting your events.

Each swimmer can swim up to three individual events and one relay or two individual events and two relays.  I will assign all relays.  Here is a listing of all events.

Also, please don't forget...NO PRACTICES ON 10/31!!

Please email me any questions you have!

FYI, the notification system from Blogger is slower than the email I sent from the other system.

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