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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nov. 19th Meet

This post will have several parts to it, please take time to read it all.

First and foremost, here are the meet entries.  Since we are the host team, we get an advance copy.

Now, we still need volunteers!  There are a few positions we need filled (in order of importance):

  • Boys Locker Room Monitor
  • Bullpen
  • Runner
  • Timer
Please click this link that Julie Motschenbacher created to volunteer.  Here is a description of each of the roles, if you want to know what is involved.

Next, this meet will be a very crowded meet for multiple reasons.  There will be about 160 swimmers from the CYO swimming at the indoor pool (where we had our first meet).  Due to the number of heats, we will need to start the meet as close to 2:00pm as possible.  There is a strong possibility that there will not be any warm-ups.  I will update everyone as soon as I have confirmed this information.

Finally, there will be up to 200 high-school aged water polo athletes using the large pool under the bubble.  Since this is happening at the same time, the changing rooms will be very busy.  I urge all swimmers to come to the pool with their suits on, so you won't have to use the already busy changing rooms.  With this added number of athletes, you may need to park further than normal.  With all of these factors, you should plan to arrive around 1:30.  Also, getting there that early will allow the volunteers to be in their places well before the start of the meet.

Thank you all for making all of this happen for the swimmers!


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