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Sunday, September 11, 2016

2016-2017 Registration information!

The season starts in about a month!  Are you registered?  If not, click here.  If you are, please continue to tell your friends about the team, WE NEED MORE SWIMMERS!  Last year, our registration numbers are much smaller, so any word of mouth advertising you can assist with would be wonderful!

Here is a little known fact...ANYONE can swim for our team, not just WHCS students.  Homeschool, public school, or other private school students can register for our team.  When they register through the above link, they need to indicate that they are registering for an "Exception", and indicate that they want to swim for West Hills Christian School.  It's a couple more hoops to jump through than a WHCS student has to go through, so email Coach Kevin if there are any questions.

Also, if you need financial assistance (or know someone who does) to register due to family hardship or multiple athletes from one family, contact Coach Kevin.  CYO has scholarships available.

For any swimmers who this is their first year, I must perform a safety check to make sure that ALL new swimmers can swim 25 yards safely.  I will have a date confirmed in the near future, and I will have it on a separate blog post.  If you wish, you can wait to register until after your swimmer passes the safety check, if you have a first year swimmer.


Coach Kevin

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