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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Swimsuit issues!

I am writing to catch everyone up on a major issue we have been having with the suits this year.  I will be brief with the problem...JD Pence will not be our suit retailer this year.  From our first contact in August and until now, we have been met with brick walls.  It is our desire to have new suits for everyone who wants one before our first meet on November 7.  The only way to do this is to switch retailers.  Do not go to JD Pence!  If you already have already purchased a suit from them, please contact me.

For this to happen, Coach Candace has made contact with a new retailer.  They have expedited fitting suits (and extra suits to purchase) to arrive by Friday's Dryland practice.  If you are wanting a new suit, you NEED to come to the dryland practice...heck...everyone should be coming to dryland practices! :)  There will be some suits ready for immediate purchase, but cash is required.  Girls suits will be $40 and boys suits will be $32.  If we don't have any more of your size on Friday, we will be able to order it in time to arrive by Saturday November 7.

Also, during the last 15 minutes of dryland practice (4:00-4:15) we will have a swimsuit exchange.  Coach Roslyn will lead the swimsuit exchange.
What is it?
In short: Donate old suits, swap small team/training suits for ones that fit, buy a used suit for $5 (proceeds go to the team)

Those with team suits from the last two seasons, or lightly used training suits that no longer fit your kiddos, please bring them!  Folks who bring old suits will have the first opportunity to swap, if the sizes are available. The rest will sell for $5 apiece, with one exception (a brand new, never used suit from last year). 

We'll start the exchange and suit fitting about 15 minutes before the end of dryland practice in the Cafeteria/Gym.  Parents are welcome to come a little earlier to help set up the exchange or discuss the new suits.

If you can't be there Friday and are willing to still donate, please have your child give the suit to Lilly or Gwen McFarland sometime this week, or bring to practice.

Lastly, I will send an updated practice schedule tomorrow.  I will send meet info toward the later part of the week.  Lots of info coming soon...stay tuned.

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